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Looking for Business Finance, Business Funding, Commercial Finance, Small Business Finance or Start Up Business Loans?

When starting your business there are a few important questions around business finance to understand. Some of these include:

  • Will you need to apply for commercial finance to start your business?
  • What are your reasons for seeking business funding?
  • Do you understand the sources of small business finance available?

Applying For Finance – before you approach lender, financier or broker make sure you and your business are in the best position to seek commercial finance. If its a start up business loan then make sure you have a business plan. Come prepared with financials, tax returns, financial projections, and other personal information.

Reasons for Seeking Finance – Know what type of finance you are looking for. Is it for an overdraft, factoring, trade credit, asset finance, equipment finance, franchise finance.

Sources of Business Finance – Knowing who to approach for small business finance can help you find the best option for your business. Obviously banks are an option, but they are not always the easiest and you will need to be ready to put your home or other assets up as collateral to secure the business finance. Other funders include specialists in their field like Cashflow It.

Cashflow It® is Australia’s only franchise industry finance experts. We specialise in commercial finance only for the franchise sector.

What can Cashflow It finance?

Cashflow It® can finance a wide range of assets including serialised equipment, custom made equipment, used equipment, store fitouts and franchise business re-sales.

Rental Solution

The Cashflow It® Rental Solution is our most flexible small business finance option available. With short 12 or 24 month minimum terms you have the flexibility to change your requirements without being locked into longer term business loans. At the end of the minimum term you can choose to:

Lease Solution

If you don’t need all of the flexibility of a rental solution and just want to own your equipment over a fixed term then the Lease Solution maybe for you. Simply choose your preferred business funding term (three, four or five years) and have the confidence of knowing you can own the assets at the end of the term.

Learn more about our Business Finance Solutions here.

How do I Apply?

Applying for business finance is easy. Simply click the Apply Now button below. It only takes 10 minutes to complete.

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