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How It Works

Cashflow It® offers an equipment finance solution that allows you to get the equipment you need for your business today. Cashflow It® can get you pre – approved for finance so that you can find the best deal on the equipment you need from any supplier in Australia.

You simply agree to a minimum 12 month term and we buy the equipment you need for your business. At the end of this term     you have four flexible options to choose from:

Continue Renting

Continue making rental payments to Cashflow It® and the purchase price will continue to reduce with each successive payment.

Purchase Equipment

Purchase some or all of your equipment at any stage throughout your contract.

Rent To Own

If you have decided that the equipment is right for your business and you want to pay it off over a 36 month period, then simply
Rent To Own.

Return Equipment

If the equipment is no longer suitable for your business, return it to Cashflow It® without any penalties.

Picture - The Process

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